We want to focus entirely on improving the technical football skills and boosting the confidence of every young player. Physical and mental development is the essence of Super Skills.
We achieve this through efficiently organising training sessions and optimising the time that every player spends with a football at their feet.  
Skills are taught and refined by the excellent attention to detail that our coaches highlight in every move for children to learn with ease. 
Every player works towards achieving the following objectives:

  • Complete ball mastery
  • Becoming excellent 1v1 players, evolving to key team players
  • Well trained and self-sufficient athletes


Super Skills is an individual football (soccer) player development programme that focuses, in its initial stages, on ball mastery and mastering 1v1 duels.
Sessions are focused on the technical and skill development of players who are taught and challenged at their own learning pace.
All movements, skills, drills and competitions are designed towards complete ball mastery, giving each player maximum time on the ball to develop their skills and grow in confidence. Through 1v1, players are held responsible for their own attacking and defending, and it is absolutely the quickest way to develop a child’s skills. There is no other short cut!
We guarantee a minimum of 1,000 meaningful touches of the ball per player at every session to achieve this.

"It just comes down to who wins the most 1 on 1’s. That will determine who wins the match"


The accumulated amount of repetitions of movements and touches of the ball builds muscle memory, so that all movements and skills become fluent and feel more natural to the player. We develop fast footwork through agility exercises with the ball and without the ball.
Through playing 1v1 every week, and other variations of the game, players are challenged to utilise their fast footwork and skills in response to the movements of an opposing player. Reactions are improved, decisions are corrected and physical strength is enhanced.
A player who has been equipped with an arsenal of skills, and one that has practiced using them repeatedly in 1v1 situations becomes the most skilful player on his team. At Super Skills, it is not our job to teach positional play or team play. That is the job of the team training sessions. It is our job to teach you how to become the creative player that makes a difference to your team. We know the secrets in how to create those players. Every team deserves a Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar or Salah! And with Super Skills ball mastery and 1v1 training added to your schedule, it can be you!


At Super Skills, we take pride in having every player progress. It is important to set goals and milestones to celebrate achievements. To measure every player’s progress, Super Skills utilises a coloured kit grading system, similar to the coloured belt progression system used in martial arts.

Players begin their training at the White Grade level, aiming to progress through the ranks of Yellow, Orange, Green and Blue. Each rank consists of skill sets, both physical and mental, that the player must master before they are assessed and progressed. Mastery is achieved when skills have been repeated as many times such that they are able to produce it on demand with fluency and efficiency. The rule is that if a player has mastered a skill set, they must be able to demonstrate it and teach it to another. Sessions are focused on teaching every player the content of their grade syllabus. Following the achievement of Blue Grade, there are 3 more professional levels in Red (Assistant Coach), Purple (Head Coach) and Black (Business Master) as we believe the coaches should also be performing at the highest quality and aiming for progression!