Super Skills teaches the art of expert dribbling and complete ball mastery. Our sessions entirely focus on the technical development of each and every individual and teaching them the attributes and qualities that separates the great player from the good player. We focus on Agility, Ball Mastery and instilling Confidence.

Super Skills is not a team, nor is it a football club in the most common sense. We are a skills development centre for all ages and all level of abilities that compliments regular training.

Super Skills offers everybody to take a Free trial where students can see if they enjoy this unique system. There is no obligation for you to join after the trial, but if you enjoy it and would like to attend regularly, we have 2 levels of memberships to choose from. All membership details will be disclosed to you at your free trial session.

You can contact us to arrange your Free trial session.

Each session is 90 minutes long broken down into 3 periods with water breaks in between:

1. Warm-up – 10 minutes
2. Drills Period – 30-35 minutes focusing on introduction, mechanics and execution of key moves and combinations of moves
3. Game Period – 40-45 minutes of players being matched up against each other in age group and ability level, where they play 3 minute matches and an average of 4-5 matches per session. Matches will mainly be 1-v-1, but the coach may sometimes include 5-10 minutes of Futsal towards the end of the session.

We welcome all boys and girls who show a keen interest in learning and improving their skills. 3-5 Year olds start in our Cubs Program, from which they can graduate to our main sessions to go through the grade system up to the age of 16.

We also have started Adult classes for anybody who wants to keep fit, improve their skills and enjoy a fun, social evening in doing so.

Currently we have players from as young as 5 years old who are all developing their skills at an incredible rate. We also have players in their early 20’s who are progressing through the Grade system and learning skills and philosophies they have never learnt before throughout the years they have been training elsewhere.

Super Skills sessions are limited to a maximum number of students per session (variable at each centre). We often maintain a 1 Coach to 8 Students Ratio.

All coaches are Super Skills qualified – meaning they are fluent in each Grade syllabus, both skill-wise and coaching wise. They are all experienced coaches and we make sure each and every coach brings the right attitude to maintain a healthy, happy and safe environment for students to come and learn. All coaches are DBS checked.

We are passionate about training and improvement and have every desire to fulfill our roles as leaders and coaches. Further information on our coaches can be found here

1v1 is our main game played at every session, where two players play against each other on a small court, attempting to beat the opponent through their dribbling skills and score a goal on the other end. It builds agility, ball mastery and confidence.

We hold official 1v1 tournaments where participants and winners are ranked in their age group.


Do you have any more questions? Contact us with your questions/comments and we will be more than happy to answer your questions and share more information.