We want to improve the technical football skill levels of young children, as well as instil confidence in each and every child.
Our sessions are efficiently organised and each player’s time on the ball is optimised, and as a result, the system concentrates on how quickly each and every player develops physically and mentally.

Each of our players’ achieve the following objectives:

  • Complete ball mastery
  • Excellent 1 versus 1 players, evolving to key team players
  • Well trained athletes

About Super Skills

Super Skills is an individual football (soccer) player development programme that focuses, in its initial stages, on ball mastery and 1v1.

Our sessions orientate around the technical and skill development of players, who are taught and challenged at their own learning pace.

All movements, skills, drills and competitions are designed towards complete ball mastery, giving each player maximum time on the ball to develop their skills and grow their confidence. We guarantee a minimum of 1,000 meaningful touches of the ball per session in order to achieve this.

The Science Behind The System

The accumulated amount of repetition of movements and touches of the ball builds muscle memory so that all movements and skills become stronger and feel more natural to the player. Fast footwork and skills are developed, but that is not enough…

Through 1v1 and variations of the game, players are now challenged to use their fast feet and skills in response to the movements of an opposing player. Reactions are improved, decisions made are corrected and physical strength is bettered. BHVN0388

Combine the two and you have a player who has been equipped with an arsenal of skills and who has practiced using them with the ball over and over again in response to the opponent and space around them.

This is what makes your Ronaldo and your Messi such great players. They have the dribbling skills, knowledge of when to use them and quickness in using it – multiple times even, as they go on and score some of the best solo goals we have witnessed in modern football.

"It just comes down to who wins the most 1 on 1’s. That will determine who wins the match"
Sir Alex Ferguson