It is not only important to develop the skills, but also the player’s attitude and mindset. The 3 Disciplines for each Grade colour must be memorised and applied at sessions, before the player progresses to the next grade.

  1. We focus on improving our skills for the entire training session, at every session.
  2. We show respect to our teachers, our parents and all other students.
  3. We understand that training is an important part of our development and we enjoy our training.
  4. We control our emotions.
  5. We train to the best of our ability.
  6. We stay polite at all times.
  7. We play within the rules and without violence.
  8. We learn from our experiences.
  9. We practice humility and modesty.
  10. We keep a keen sense of humour.
  11. We respect our team-mates, opposition and all match officials.
  12. We play as a team, supporting and encouraging each other.
  13. We are all equals in this world.
  14. We smile and we laugh.
  15. We never stop learning.
  16. We are aware and respectful of other people’s progress and development.
  17. We recognize and monitor our own individual progress.
  18. When we are wrong, we sincerely apologize.