June Goal of the Month Winner

 July 17, 2014

Congratulations to Dhruv Velani (Goal F) for receiving 57% of the public votes for best goal of June 2014.

A goal that was worked beautifully by Dhruv. After 3 ‘Cruyff’ turns, the 4th time he fakes the ‘Cruyff’ that fools his opponent and creates the space to score the goal! Fantastic thinking, fantastic footwork to round a fantastic goal, worthy of this month’s winner! Very clever Dhruv! Watch it now – Goal F – the winning goal of the month – from the video below!


Voting Results

Goal A – Hassan Alhajmahmoud – 0%
Goal B – Andre Ellington – 0%
Goal C – Akshay Mistry – 19%
Goal D – Ouail Touati – 14%
Goal E – Rayan Ladva – 5%
Goal F – Dhruv Velani – 57%
Goal G – Jared Ampofo – 5%

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