Indonesia Tour 2015: Review

 May 1, 2015

On April 1st, 2015, SuperSkills Soccer UK took a group of students, accompanied by parents and coaches on a tour to Jakarta, Indonesia. The purpose of the tour was for the students to see where SuperSkills was founded, experience a new culture, train with Indonesian SuperSkills players and coaches, and to take part in their 1-v-1 Soccer tournament.

From experiencing hours of traffic in the city centre to relaxing on the beautiful, isolated Bidadari island; from bargaining at Taman Puring market to window shopping in the exquisite Pondok Indah Mall; and from sliding down water slides at the water park and being turned upside down on the roller coasters of Dunia Fantasy theme park – this tour was an unforgettable experience.

Moreover, our students embraced a new culture, and especially whilst training with local Indonesian children at SuperSkills, Jakarta and at Akash Nathani Futsal Academy, they applied focus and determination to learn from different coaches and make new friends.

Here is what each of them wrote about their experience:

Being on the tour was very exciting. Starting with a long flight to Jakarta, where we were going to play lots of football. We went to the splash park, fun fair and went out on a boat trip. We had a good time at all of them but my favourite days were when we went to the different SuperSkills training ground. We had good coaches and we got to meet Dale (Founder). We had to work hard because they are very good and we wanted to do well. It was a very good tournament and I won Silver and my brother Lee won Gold. We all played really well. I would like to go on the next tour with Harsh because he did a very good job. The whole trip is something I will never forget. Thanks SuperSkills.

– Tony Cowie (7) and Lee Cowie (5)

On our trip to Indonesia we did lots of different things. We spent a few days relaxing by the swimming pool, playing tennis which was lots of fun. One day it rained heavily and we were splashing in the pool, this was really fun for me as it was very hot. We trained nearly everyday at different Dojos with different coaches. We went to a theme park, water park, market, shopping malls and an Island. My favourite day was the water park as we got to go on water slides, the pool had fun water waves. I enjoyed playing with the children in our group. On the tournament day I won my first medal, I was really proud of myself as we played in the heat that we are not used to. I used my skills that I had learnt and did my best. I wanted to make Harsh, Clinton and my family proud of me. I enjoyed training with Akash as we played futsal which is a team sport and is competitive.

– Dhiyan Hirani (7)

My favourite day was when we went to Thousand islands because we went on a speed boat. When we explored the island we saw a monitor lizard, hornets, an electric eel and coloured fish. We kissed a dolphin which did flips in the water. We went to another Island to go snorkeling, I felt very anxious as this was my first time. I saw lots of beautiful coloured coral and fish. This was such a great experience for me. I had fun playing futsal as I hadn’t done this before. I enjoyed the team work involved. I found training in the heat very hard as we were not used to playing in such temperatures. My experience of the 1-v-1 (tournament) was an eye opener as it was the first time I had played in a tournament. I was feeling extremely nervous as I am not confident with my football skills. I didn’t do well in the tournament and I felt very upset. However I have learnt a very important lesson, I have to work very hard in order to succeed. I now know what I need to work on for the future 1-v-1 tournament. With the help and support of my coaches I’ll strive and aim to improve my ball mastery skills.

– Rushil Hirani (10)

The tour was really good in Jakarta and my favourite parts were the tournament and the water park. I feel I did well in the tournament, even though I felt upset when I lost in the semi-finals to a questionable decision by the referee. But, I switched my focus to the the 3rd place finals match and won that game. I came 3rd. It was a lot of fun taking part.

– Zak Kando-Vogel (9)

On the first day of the tour, we went on a small minibus to the airport. Everyone was talking, ready and excited about the tournament. I had so much fun. Amongst many new expereiences, we went on a Banana boat, and the boat driver tipped us over into the sea, but I did not mind. We had so many training sessions with the Indonesians, but there was no air conditioning in the training halls and it was really hot. My favourite day was when we went in the salty sea, snorkeling. It was my first time ever trying this. I enjoyed it and want to do it again. My experience involved meeting Indonesian children, learning new skills at the training sessions and learning from each other. Seeing that some players were of levels GreenBelt and above, inspired me to learn from them.

I played against a GreenBelt in the finals of the tournament. I lost this close match, but received a Silver medal.

-Timothy Anoom (9)

On the tour we had great fun and were able to meet new coaches in Indonesia.Being on the tour was an amazing experience, especially as I got to see how the Indonesian players mastered their 1 v 1 game and how focused they were on developing their skills and mindsets.My favourite was everyday but on the last day we went to Thousand islands with some SuperSkills coaches and Jusef,  a blue belt,  who I became good friends with. We all enjoyed ourselves and had fun swimming, playing beach football and scuba diving. The 1 v 1 sessions were an eye opener as we got to see just how focused he Indonesian children were and how they would burst into speed after doing a skill. In the tournament I came second, after losing in the final to a green belt, who was a year older than me. My performance was good. Everyone in the tournament had fun and won a medal. If there was another tour with SuperSkills I would never miss it.

– Andre Ellington (13)