6th 1-v-1 Championships Results

 December 14, 2015

SuperSkills held its 6th 1-v-1 Soccer Tournament On Sunday November 29th, 2015.

Foremost, we’d like to thank:

  • All the players who participated and made the tournament possible
  • All friends and relatives for bringing their offer of support and creating one of the best atmospheres we’ve had at tournaments
  • Maulik Patel who took some excellent snaps that can be viewed on our Facebook Page
  • Mehul Hirani and Dev Mandavia for capturing video footage of the matches and helping us put together the highlight reel that can watched on YouTube or here on our website.
  • Isaac Anoom for catering the delicious food!
  • Ave Water for hydrating the players by providing over 200 free bottles of water, keeping the players performing at the highest level of competition
  • Ave banner & flag
  • Willesden Sports Centre for providing the venue and all their help in setting up
  • SuperSkills staff and team for their efforts in refereeing, and all the volunteering parents and friends in scorekeeping.

Champions & Runner Ups are named below, along with the Golden Boot winners (Top goal scorers) from each tournament.

It’s a long wait till the next one on June 5th, 2016. However, the time gives us the opportunity to make the next one even better.

Make sure you book your place early to avoid disappointment in missing out at one of the most unique soccer tournaments held only twice a year.

With the 6th Championships now completed, an updated rankings table of the top 5 1-v-1 players in each age group can be viewed here:

Click to see Player Rankings

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Video Highlights:

The Champions and runner ups of each age group are named below:

Age 5
Champion – Shrey Carsandas
Runner Up – Taylan Mustafa
Golden Boot – Shrey Carsandas (25 Goals)


Age 6
Champion – Kyle Madha
Runner Up – Rishan Hirani
Golden Boot – Kyle Madha (26 Goals)


Age 7
Champion – Aaron Patel
Runner Up – Austin Grahame
Golden Boot – Aaron Patel (21 Goals)


Age 8
Champion – Dylan Czyzycki
Runner Up – Kamau Stone
Golden Boot – Raul Vancea (21 Goals)


Age 9
Champion – Sebastian Sikora
Runner Up – Haseeb Khan
Golden Boot – Kiran Ghosh (18 Goals)


Age 10
Champion – Carlos Ferreira
Runner Up – Akshay Mistry
Golden Boot – Olek Tamang (18 Goals)


Age 11-12
Champion – Malcolm Asoegwu
Runner Up – Sacario Reece
Golden Boot – Malcolm Asoegwu (16 Goals)


Age 13-15
Champion – Anotida Mano
Runner Up – Sashon Active
Golden Boot – Taha Mashayekhi (15 Goals)


Congratulations to all of you!