1 v 1 Football is played on a 8m x 15m court with a set of cones on either end used as “goals”. A goal is scored by hitting at least one of the opposing player’s cones with the ball. All the rules of the regular game apply, except slide-tackling, which is considered a foul.
1 v 1 Soccer promotes self empowerment and self reliance, and is about creativity as much as ball control.

Laws of the game:

Law 1: Goal

A goal is scored if the ball touches any one of the cones. It is not necessary to hit all of the cones, nor is it necessary to knock the cone over.

Law 2: Scoring Area

A goal can only be scored from within the defending player’s half of the field or a designated line within this half.

Law 3: Fouls

Any foul committed at any time, anywhere on the pitch, results in a penalty kick. Slide tackling is considered a foul.

Law 4: Penalty Kick

A penalty kick is taken as a free shot at the cones with the ball placed on the point designated by the referee, often the cross ‘T’ point closest to the goal, marked on a badminton court.

Law 5: Out of Bounds

The ball is started at the point of exit or anywhere behind that point by dribbling into the field of play. Once the ball enters the field from this point, play resumes and the game is ‘live’.

Law 6: Time Limit

Matches are between 3-5 minutes long, as agreed to before the match starts. Matches are started and ended by the sound of the buzzer/horn.

Law 7: Draw/Tie

In the event of a draw (tied score) at the end of regulation time, the players share the points equally. If a winner must be decided in the case of knockout stages, the match goes on for an additional minute of GoldenGoal where the next goal scored ends the match and the goal-scorer is declared the winner. If scores are still level after an additional minute, the match goes into a penalty shootout, where players take it in turns to take a penalty kick until one of them misses. Penalty kicks must be taken with alternating feet. I.e – If the first shot is taken with the right foot, your next shot must be taken with your left foot, and so on.

Law 8: Age

Each player will play in their age group/school year group.

Law 9: Referees

All decisions are made at the referee’s discretion and the referee’s decisions are final.

Law10: Sportsmanship

All players are expected to maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship, competition and self-discipline. If a player loses emotional/social control and behave in a manner inconsistent with the Super Skills culture, then the player will be removed from the tournament.

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