At Super Skills, we primarily play 1 v 1 Football… And everyone loves it!
1v1 is the ultimate test of your football skills, stamina, and agility.

We have our own set of rules for the game and have been organising 1 v 1 Football tournaments for all age groups since starting Super Skills!

The Super Skills Junior 1 v 1 Championships are held twice a year.

Upcoming tournaments will appear below on this page.

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Super Skills 1 v 1 Championships XI

Saturday 21st April 2018
Jewish Free School, Harrow
Years 1 – 3: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Years 4 – 6: 12:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Super Skills will be hosting the 11th 1 v 1 Football Championships soon!

This unique tournament takes the most exciting parts of association football – dribbling, skills and goals – and combines them to determine, who is the most skillful one-versus-one player!


Tournament Format

There are up to 24 spaces in each age category. Book your place in the tournament early to avoid disappointment.

To book, ask us for an invitation card at your next session, complete it and pay the entry fee.

Time – Each match lasts for 3 minutes. Every player will play a minimum of 3 matches during the initial group stage of the tournament.

Group stages – Each player will play against all the other players in their group. 3 points are awarded for a win, 1 point for a draw. In the case of two players joint for a qualification place, the qualifying player will be determined by the the following in order until settled – a) Goal Difference b) Goals Scored c) Head to Head result d) 1 minute Speed Goal e) Penalty Shootout

Knockout stages – Top players in each group will advance to the knockout stages of the tournament, which starts from the Quarter Finals. Winners of the Quarter Finals will advance to the Semi Finals. The winners of the Semi Finals will ultimately compete for the Championship. In the case of a draw at the end of 3 minutes during the knockout matches, an additional minute will be played where the first player to score will win the match. In the case of nobody scoring during the additional minute, the match will go into a penalty shootout, where players will take it in turn to shoot at the goal. Players get 2 shots, 1 with each foot. If the score is still level, the shootout goes into sudden death where players take 1 more shot each (alternating their shooting foot each time).

Prizes – Every participant will receive a participation certificate. Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the winners and runner ups of each age group.

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IMG_7424   1-v-1 National Tournament Champion 9 year old Bachir Diallo    BHVN0388